Vape Juice FAQs


A lot of people vape nowadays for several different reasons. Many people quickly discover it is an excellent alternative to smoking, but not every person using a vaporizer only uses nicotine-based vape juices. Here are a trio of the frequently asked questions about vape juice specifically and their answers. Feel free to talk to your local vape shop owner for more information.


Q1. What are e-liquids made from?

A1. Whether you buy vape juice from a Davinci vaporizer or another brand, the legal ones have regulations they have to follow in what they contain. The contents should be clear on the label. The two main substances that are involved are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. The former is ofen referred to as PG and is a petroleum derivative. It is used for the most part because it is odorless and colorless, so it holds flavor concentrate and nicotine well. Vegetable glycerin, or VG, comes from vegetable oil. It helps to add the thickness of the vapor and to improve the feel of the draw.


Q2. Does vape juice go bad or go off?

A2. Mostly, no, though in some cases, when the e-liquid is of poor quality, it could. It does age, and when you use old vape juice with a vaporizer, you might find the experience less satisfying because the taste and the quality of the ingredients are degraded. It is stated to be shelf stable, but it is a good plan to not over-purchase so you have it sitting on your shelf for years and to use it within a year of buying it. There are specific storage instructions to help achieve a longer shelf life.


Q3. What are the better choices to store e-liquids?


A3. Three things affect vape juice in your Davinci vaporizer: light, heat, and air exposure. Often, inexperienced users do not properly store their e-liquid, and if they over, this can lead to less impressive experiences. Vegetable glycerin and nicotine can both start to oxidize, and the liquid can become sour and lessen in flavor. Here are some tips on storing your e-liquids;


  • For long-term storage, please place them in the freezer
  • For shorter-term storage, please keep them in a cool and dry space
  • Make sure they are not in direct sunlight
  • Please place it in a glass container that is tinted dark to keep out the light.


Some people think that being in the freezer affects the flavor of the e-liquid, but if you need an option for the long term, this is the only one. It is going to be better in there than sitting on a shelf. The liquid will not freeze. At the temperatures, at which household freezers are kept, they will remain liquid. It will just be maintaining them at a very low temperature. When you are ready to use the vape juice you have in the freezer, take them out and give them time to come back to room temperature. Please do this before you start vaping with them.









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