Unveiling the Sonic Marvel Melamine Foam Acoustic Solutions


In the symphony of architectural acoustics, Melamine Foam emerges as the virtuoso, offering a harmonious blend of high-performance sound absorption and aesthetic finesse. This exploration delves into the diverse landscape of Melamine Foam, its key features, applications, and the myriad benefits it bestows upon acoustic design.

Melamine Foam: A Confluence of Performance and Elegance

  1. Understanding Melamine Foam:

Melamine Foam, a high-performance open-cell acoustic foam, takes center stage as a lightweight maestro in hearing solutions. Recognized for its Class A sound absorption, Class O fire classification (non-flammable product), and feather-light qualities, it is the epitome of ‘best in class’ performance.

  1. Applications in Public Spaces:

Tailored for public spaces where fire ratings are paramount, Melamine Foam finds its resonance in concert halls, auditoriums, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, offices, places of worship, and community buildings. Its non-flammable nature makes it an essential choice where safety is non-negotiable.

  1. Reverberation Reduction in Style:

Melamine Foam proves to be a virtuoso in reducing reverberation and echo, particularly in noisy rooms. From multipurpose rooms to dining areas and meeting rooms, its effectiveness as a sound absorber adds a layer of acoustic sophistication to diverse spaces.

  1. Sizing Options for Versatility:

Supplied in three popular sizes and thicknesses (25mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm), Melamine Foam offers installation flexibility. Whether in packs of 1 at 1200mm x 600mm, 1200mm x 1200mm, or 2400mm x 1200mm, its adaptability caters to various spatial requirements.

  1. Custom Configurations:

For those seeking alternative sizes or specific shapes, Melamine Foam extends an invitation to creativity. The manufacturing facility can tailor solutions that align with bespoke project needs by dropping an email with specific requirements.

Key Features and Benefits of Melamine Foam

  1. Acoustic Prowess with Class A Performance:

Melamine Foam’s Class A acoustic performance positions it as a stalwart in sound absorption. Its fine cell structure enhances its sound-absorbing properties, delivering an aural experience that transcends ordinary standards.

  1. Fire Classification Excellence:

The Class O fire classification underscores Melamine Foam’s commitment to safety. Meeting international standards such as UL 94 V-0 and DIN 4102 B1, it establishes itself as a non-flammable product, ideal for environments where fire safety is paramount.

  1. Self-Adhesive Backing for Easy Installation:

Equipped with self-adhesive backing, Melamine Foam ensures a hassle-free installation process. Alternatively, the TechSpray contact adhesive provides an additional fixing option, catering to diverse preferences in installation.

  1. Limitless Design Options:

Melamine Foam transcends functional boundaries by offering limitless design options when configuring multiple units. Its light grey color palette adds a touch of elegance, making it a seamless addition to various design aesthetics.

  1. MTech Foam Core Certified for Environmental Standards:

The MTech foam core, a pivotal component of Melamine Foam, holds certification according to the OEKO-TEX® environmental Standard 100. This emphasizes its commitment to ecological sustainability, aligning with global standards.

  1. Lightweight and Fiberglass-Free:

The lightweight nature of Melamine Foam, coupled with its fiberglass-free composition, enhances its user-friendly attributes. This characteristic ensures easy handling and installation without compromising on performance.

Variants of Melamine Foam: Crafting Solutions for Varied Needs


  • Premium Acoustic Elegance: Characterized by a fine cell structure, BASOTECT G+ is a premium-grade Melamine Foam offering superior sound absorption. Its excellent fire performance, meeting standards like UL 94 V-0 and DIN 4102 B1, makes it an ideal choice for acoustic applications in concert halls and recording studios.

  • Tailored for Automotive and Construction: Explicitly designed for the automotive and construction industry, BASOTECT UF+ brings a unique surface structure. This ensures excellent acoustic absorption and improves airflow in vehicles and buildings. Its availability in dark grey complements its application in varied settings.

  • Versatile and Lightweight: BASOTECT B emerges as a lightweight and flexible Melamine Foam, catering to diverse applications in building and construction, transportation, and industrial settings. Its unique cell structure delivers excellent sound absorption and meets international fire performance standards, making it a versatile choice.

Conclusion: Melamine Foam – A Symphony of Sound and Design

As the curtain falls on our exploration of Melamine Foam, the lingering melody of its acoustic prowess and design versatility resonates. From elegant public spaces to bespoke configurations tailored to specific needs, Melamine Foam stands as a symphony of sound and design.

About Us: Crafting Acoustic Excellence

At Acousticpanels.co.uk, we weave the narrative of acoustic excellence. Our offerings extend across environments, from the intimate realms of homes to the dynamic landscapes of offices, cinemas, schools, and more. With a diverse range of products available in different colors, shapes, and sizes, our commitment is to be the orchestrators of acoustic perfection.

The products showcased on our website are not mere listings; we crafted them, allowing us to provide unparalleled prices online. For those seeking a bespoke touch, our manufacturing site opens doors to personalized solutions. We ship directly from our Midlands factory to homes and offices, ensuring a seamless experience. While our freight charges primarily cater to the mainland UK, international orders are welcomed with tailored delivery pricing upon inquiry.

In our symphony of acoustic solutions, Acousticpanels.co.uk stands as the maestro, harmonizing spaces and crafting auditory experiences that transcend the ordinary. With its acoustic prowess, Melamine Foam adds a nuanced layer to this symphony, ensuring that every note is a testament to excellence.


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