All About The Leadership Coaching and Mentoring Development Programme

Professional development courses play a big role in today’s dynamic business environment. They are crucial for honing leadership skills, adapting to evolving market trends, and understanding new business strategies.


Such programs are not just about acquiring knowledge; they offer a practical approach to applying this knowledge in real-world scenarios. For leaders and managers, these courses are essential in enhancing their ability to inspire teams, drive organizational change, and make informed decisions.


In particular, courses like the Leadership Coaching and Mentoring Development Programme offered by In Professional Development, accredited at CMI Level 7, stand as a vital resource for leaders in the modern business environment.


This comprehensive course is designed to enhance the skills of current and aspiring leaders, focusing on effective coaching and mentoring within an organizational context.


Core Aspects of the Programme


  1. Foundation and Focus: The programme is grounded in essential coaching and mentoring skills, further advancing into the strategic application of these skills within a learning and development strategy​​.


  1. Target Audience: It’s tailored for directors, senior leaders, newly-appointed leaders, and consultants who seek to formalize their coaching knowledge. The programme is particularly beneficial for those responsible for developing and implementing coaching strategies within their organizations​​.


  1. Learning Objectives: Upon completion, participants will gain a nuanced understanding of coaching, improved self-awareness, and the ability to develop individual coaching approaches. The course emphasizes mentoring through change and aligning coaching strategies with organizational goals​​.


  1. Course Structure: The programme is organized into four key sessions:


  • Exploring Coaching: Covers the basics of coaching and mentoring.
  • Applying Coaching: Focuses on ethical considerations, reflective practice, and the psychology of coaching.
  • Coaching with Impact: Deals with high-performing teams, motivational strategies, and aligning coaching with business needs.
  • Best Practice and Embedding Success: Discusses principles of organizational culture and embedding a sustainable coaching culture​​.


  1. Qualification: Participants can opt for the CMI Level 7 Certificate in Leadership Coaching and Mentoring. This involves completing two detailed written assignments that apply taught theories to the organizational context​​.


Expertise and Tutors


The programme boasts a team of highly qualified tutors, each bringing their unique experience to the table:


  • William McKee: A business psychologist and executive coach with a practical approach to culture, people, and performance.
  • Laura Burton: A business psychologist with a focus on leadership and empowerment.
  • Nick Jerome: An executive coach with extensive experience in leadership and management.
  • Pierson Stratford: Specializes in leadership and coaching psychology.
  • James Willerton: Brings a practical perspective on strategic development and human capital.
  • Victoria Smith-Collins: Experienced in leadership development and international coaching​​​​​​.




In Professional Development’s Leadership Coaching and Mentoring Programme is a transformative experience, equipping leaders with the necessary tools and insights to foster a culture of growth and development in their organizations.


The programme’s blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, guided by seasoned professionals, makes it an invaluable investment for those seeking to excel in leadership roles.


About In Professional Development


In Professional Development is an innovative company dedicated to transforming the traditional learning experience. They focus on offering inclusive, transformational, and real-world training that challenges conventional educational methods. Their mission is to empower professionals to achieve more and make a lasting impact in their fields. The company stands out for its blend of industry and academic expertise, providing high-value virtual and face-to-face professional training courses tailored to the needs of busy professionals.


Notably, their courses, like the Director Development Programme Accelerator and the Executive Mini MBA Accelerator, have gained significant recognition and consistent 5-star reviews.


These courses represent a week of hands-on learning under the guidance of business experts, catering specifically to business leaders looking to elevate their skills and career prospects. In Professional Development’s approach is progressive, focusing on delivering courses that are not only educational but also directly applicable in the professional world​​​​.


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